About Us

Dirk and Dans PaintingDirk G. and Dan W. At A Painting Project in Victoria BC.

Dirk & Dan’s relations stents from working with our past employer Weeks Painting and Decorating over 19 years ago. Weeks Painting ceased operations due to Bob Week’s sudden passing in 2005. At which time Dirk & Dan’s Painting. was formed.

Dirk had been employed for over 16 years and Dan about 15 and a half years. Dirk holds one of the highest reputation as one of the southern Island best clean cut quality painters. His extensive knowledge in Wallpaper & Vinyl Wall Coverings and a good eye for stain and varnishes matching sets him uniquely apart.

Dan being more of a High end foreman for big jobs with extensive knowledge in spray guns & conventional spraying, Electrostatic spraying with no limitations on size of job, nature of job weather interior scissor lifts and GLG lifts or exterior swing stage and scaffold work. Dan possess the great ability to ensure every job is done right and the easiest way possible to ensure safe and quality work every time. Having no limitations and learning to be the best in all aspects of the trade is what Dirk & Dan’s Painting strives for.

Together with Dirk & Dan’s full circle knowledge in all aspects of the trade truly is what sets us apart from all other companies. Our company has no limitations this is our biggest philosophy we are capable of doing any job and are interested in doing any and all work offered . There is no job to big or small for Dirk & Dan’s Painting weather it is the best residential house or just a rental unit needing some minor repairs. The highest end commercial office or banks let Dirk & Dan’s quality shine through on your next project.

Let us share our years of experience and knowledge to solve any of your maintenance or beautification needs. Dirk & Dan’s Painting holds the highest standards in employee quality and appearance and know our next job is or future resume and the most important job to us.

Dirk Guelich is a local born 5t
h generation painter . Learning much of the trade from his father, the owner of a local paint store for 25 years, Dirk has developed a very strong sense of what “Quality” and “Satisfaction” really mean to the customer and because of this he is able to provide you with the perfect paint job, everytime. Dirks has a unique skillset amongst painters and is very good with the fine details that make your project really “pop”.

Dan Waters, was born and raised in Metchosin, Victoria BC and begun his Painting carrier at age 18 Dan has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of the Painting & Decorating trade Learning the basics from a old school Croatian Painter. From there I was hired on at Weeks Painting as a prep kid and learned the trade from the bottom up.

At age 22 I was signed up on a Painting and decorating Apprentice School in Vancouver where I passed and was certified with my Red seal Inter Provincial Ticket in 1998. From there I proceeded to serve as a head foreman for Weeks Painting up until the final year prior to Bob’s passing in 2005. With over 15 and a half years of service for Weeks Painting. Taking Blue print reading courses from Camosun College and learning to run the front end of the business that employed over 30 staff at the peak times. With the sole duties of pricing work and meeting with clients to employee job placement and final billing at month’s end. Allowed me to learn all the skills necessary to successfully run a company at the highest level of our industries standards.